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Have a script ripe and ready for the pickin’? Create a writer profile and upload your stories today! Our matchmaking system will put your scripts in the perfect filmmaker’s hands. We will also recommend you to Filmmakers looking for a scribe with your exact skills. Juicy Bonus: every account comes with free access to our educational series Teachy Screen and can be randomly selected for a reading and Peach Patch upgrade!


Georgia has talent in groves. Find your future film project and help grow Georgia’s development slate with this free local talent search engine. After filling out your ideal-script and desired-writer profiles, we will contact you directly when we discover the sweet story and/or scribe that matches your exact criteria. Investing in Georgia film has never been easier!!

Peach Patches

Random Bonus! Our matchmaking experts will randomly and regularly read scripts uploaded onto our site. When we find stories that are abso-fuzzin’-lutely phenomenal, we will give it a JUICY Peach Patch: searchable by filmmakers and bragging rights for writers.

Teachy Screen

Peachy Screen is committed to growing the development side of Georgia’s film industry. Therefore, with your Peachy Screen account, writers and filmmakers will have access to Teachy Screen. Teachy Screen is a free-for-you educational web series with tips, tricks and insider trade secrets from Hollywood and Y’allywood professionals. The more you know the more we grow!

Peach Buzz

We are proud to be community partners with the Atlanta Film Society. Peachy Screen will be co-hosting “Develop or Bust: Georgia Think Tank and Panel” with the ScreenCraft Writers Summit and Atlanta Film Festival. Join us and impact the future of film and TV in the Peach State.

Co-founder and CEO Katiedid Langrock teaches “Character as a Story Engine” for the Atlanta Film Society on June 2nd.