How does Peachy Screen work?

Writers describe their uploaded scripts and their own skills, experience and interests. Our team then matches the writers and their work with filmmakers looking for those exact qualities. We also allow our filmmakers to search for writers on their own so they don’t have to rely solely on our matchmaking skills. Though they are pretty fuzzin’ sweet.

How is Peachy Screen different?

Peachy Screen is the only screenplay database that has our unique matchmaking system and, more importantly, was built with the intent of growth. Not growth for our company, but growth for the industry at large. Peachy Screen is committed to growing Georgia film until it becomes the full entertainment ecosystem it needs to be to compete with Hollywood. Currently, Georgia lacks entertainment development, which is to say, it lacks the writing, discovery of the stories, story packaging and financing based on that story package. We are here to change all that. In the absence of local agents and managers, we are here to get the perfect scripts in the perfect hands until Georgia film can be self-sustained.

Why don’t filmmakers pay?

Currently, there are established development avenues that producers and filmmakers can go through to find stories and talent. It mostly has to do with reaching out to Los Angeles and does nothing to help grow and establish development infrastructure here in Georgia. To make the choice clear and easy, we invite our local filmmakers to invest in the local story harvest by using our free (and relatively hands-free) matchmaking system. Together, we can make Georgia film completely self-sustained.

Why are you so much cheaper than competitors?

As stated previously, our main concern is in growing Georgia’s entertainment development slate until Georgia film has a full entertainment ecosystem and is self-sufficient. Our fees are to keep us operational, not to make us millions. That’s why we are also commited to being philanthropic and giving back to Georgia entertainment with funds and/or our time.

Who have you partnered with?

We are in the works for many partnerships with Georgia film institutions, politicians and government programs. We are very excited to be community partners with the Atlanta Film Society and to be presented at the Atlanta Film Festival.

What if I’m a writer, but don’t have a completed script I’m ready to share.

No worries. One of the unique qualities of Peachy Screen is that you always keep up your Writer Profile. In this profile, you note your preferred genres, skills and experiences. A filmmaker looking for a writer with those specific qualifications can still find you and reach out to you via our messaging feature. However, we do recommend you upload a script as soon as you’re comfortable.

If I get stuck uploading scripts, how can I get help?

Please let us know of any difficulties at info@peachyscreen.com

Can I take down and upload my scripts as much as I want?

Yes! After uploading a script, you have to choose to MAKE PUBLIC. If you notice a spelling error or figured out the perfect final fight move in that battle sequence, you are free to take down your script, upload a new one and make that new script public to our filmmakers to read. However, please note that if you take down a script that has been given a GRAB HOLD or JUICY Peach Patch, you will go back to the starter BRANCH OUT Peach Patch when you upload the revised script.

I edited my screenplay and lost my Grab Hold or Juicy Peach Patch. What Gives?

We take our Peach Patches very seriously. Their high ranking status is what makes filmmakers trust us. Therefore, we must avoid folks manipulating the system. Let’s say a great script received a Juicy patch and gets bought by a filmmaker. Then, the writer uploaded a new, not nearly as good script and gave it the same title and pretended it was the same script, just revised. Then our filmmakers would read a poor script and think we gave it a good review. This isn’t fair to anyone. If you notice an embarrassing spelling error or want to make a small change, please note that you can always email us and explain why you believe you should be able to keep your Peach Patch. We are always happy to help our writers.

Do I have to stick to the same exact scripts or just the same number of scripts?

We have three membership plans. Standard, which allows you to upload up to two scripts, Premium, which allows you to upload up to 5 scripts, and Unlimited. These script slots are yours to fill in with whatever scripts you want. You are allowed to change the scripts you have uploaded at anytime. Just remember to change the correlating data when you upload a different script.

Are there any scripts not allowed?

Fuzz yeah. We think prejudice is the pits. While we are open-minded, Peachy Screen is not a venue for racist, prejudice, vile stories. We also are not a place for porn (don’t let our name fool ya!). Basically, just be decent. And please, if anyone reads any inappropriate material, report it to us immediately at info@peachyscreen.com If you want to know more about our guidelines, click here.

What if I have the Standard membership, which only allows two scripts, and I decide I want to upload a third?

You can upgrade your membership at any time by going to your account settings and upgrading to your desired plan.

How do I cancel my membership?

Head to account settings and hit unsubscribe!
Note: Cancelling your membership at any time in your first 2 days as a member will result in a full refund. After that, you will be charged for a full months subscription.

How can I help?

That’s so sweet! We will definitely be looking for community members to help get Georgia developing! Please send us an email at info@peachyscreen.com to let us know you are interested in becoming a peachy ambassador. Until then, be sure to tell everyone about Peachy Screen and our mission.

Can I contact a filmmaker on your site?

Peachy Screen has its own messaging service. A filmmaker must reach out to a writer to make first contact. This is because filmmakers tend to take their privacy very seriously. We also want to make the big fish comfortable on our site without fear of being hounded. Once writers have been contacted, they are free to carry on the conversation and follow up with filmmakers. If you do decide to make contact outside our site and meet in real life, we recommend that you pick a public place. Safety first!

What if I don’t want emails from you but I want to be on your site?

At the bottom of an newsletter email sent by Peachy Screen, click unsubscribe. It will unsubscribe you from our mailing list, but not our site. No need to worry though, we’re too busy writing scripts to spend much time writing emails.

Who can read my script?

You choose! How fuzzin' cool is that? Our filmmakers fit into 3 different levels: newbie, hobbyist and professional. The newbies consist of anyone who wants to dip their toe in and try being a filmmaker for the first or second time. Atlanta has a bunch of commercial ad production companies who want to try making their first film. This category will be the most diverse in terms of talent, experience, passion, etc. The hobbyists have done a handful of projects and can show them to us, however they do not work full time as a filmmaker/producer/development exec/etc. The professional is someone who is a filmmaker for a living. The hobbyists and professionals are evaluated by us before being able to proceed and read scripts at that experience level.

When I make my script public, how public are we talkin' here?

When you make your script public, it means that your script can now be read by filmmakers in the experience level of your choosing. No one else.

How is my script protected?

We have spent oodles of money paying the best of lawyers to keep you safe. Both writers and filmmakers have to agree to our contract, which is really here to protect all of you. We do NOT accept plagiarism or any other improper conduct, as stipulated in the contract.