Welcome To Peachy Screen!

We are Georgians working for Georgia.

Peachy Screen is committed growing entertainment development in Georgia by matching blossoming talent with budding and mature filmmakers.

Peachy Screen was built with the intent of growth. Not growth for our company, but growth for Georgia's entertainment industry at large.

We are standing in a make-or-break moment. Georgia is at the cusp of becoming the Hollywood of the East. But, that possibility can disappear in an instant, as it did for many other states.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach the man to fish, he eats for life.

Right now, Hollywood is giving us fish and Georgia is eating goooood. The fish, in this sense, is what we call "entertainment development," which includes the stories, packaging and funding needed to get a project greenlit. Hollywood is throwing us their packaged stories and we are bringing them to life.

But what happens when Hollywood stops sending us their fish?

We need fully functional entertainment development infrastructure for Georgia to have a self-sustained entertainment industry.

Peachy Screen knows that Georgia film (and TV!) has all the talent it needs, right here at home, to have a complete entertainment ecosystem.

Georgia may not have entertainment development yet, but Peachy Screen is here to help change all that. We are committed to building Georgia's development slate by putting the perfect scripts in the perfect hands and assisting in any ay we can to get your film, TV series or web series made.

Together we can make Georgia the sustainable entertainment powerhouse she is meant to be.

You have the talent. Now we just need you to share it. Join us.


Peachy Screen enables writers to pay for and create their own writer profiles. We use this profile to match the writers with filmmakers looking for someone with that exact style and skill-set. In addition to your account enabling you to get work as a writer and potentially get your screenplay sold, Writers will have access to Teachy Screen, our educational web series on the ins and outs of entertainment by entertainment professionals.


Peachy Screen puts producers and filmmakers though a vetting process. Once accepted, our producers and filmmakers can make free profiles, stating both what they are looking for in writers they want to work with and what kind of scripts they are interested in reading. Our matchmaking system will select the best scripts for you. Investing in Georgia has never been easier.