Participation Guidelines

Peachy Screen Participation Guidelines

All about scripts. Peachy Screen is designed as a platform for posting, publicizing, and improving scripts. It is not a platform for vlogs, epic fails, or funny animal outtakes (unless, of course, you think that you can make a good movie about them).

Use judgment. Movies can be shocking, but that shouldn't be their only purpose. Don't submit content that has the sole purpose of being shocking or disgusting or that shows animal abuse or gratuitous violence with no artistic value. Platoon is OK. Faces of Death is not OK. If you upload a script that is only suitable for viewers over 18, identify it as such.

No pornography. You know the difference. Scripts for the purpose of pornography are strictly forbidden. The decision as to whether a script is pornographic is at the sole discretion of Peachy Screen. There is no refund on scripts removed from Peachy Screen because of pornographic content. Corrections. If Peachy Screen receives several complaints concerning a script due to quality, Peachy Screen reserves the right to remove it from the site. In such a case, once the improvements needed are made on the script, the script may then be re-listed for the unused remainder of paid time. Respect copyright. Do not contribute content that you do not own if you are not authorized to do so.

Be respectful. We encourage free speech. Movies and scripts sometimes have strong language and provocative themes. However, your movies or scripts shouldn’t be bigoted or hateful when taken as a whole and we don't permit movies, scripts, reviews or other content that are nothing but hate speech. Keep the site clean. No profanity, boorishness, spiteful behavior or obscene gestures. Your scripts may have vulgarity and sex and violence and over-the- top conflict in them, but your reviews and discussions should not.

No creepy behavior. Don’t stalk, threaten, harass, denigrate or intimidate other participants. Don’t incite others to commit violent, illegal or immoral acts. No spam. We encourage you to get people involved in your projects on Peachy Screen, but no advertising or spam is allowed. Don’t make repeated discussion posts, especially across forums. Be yourself. Don’t misrepresent your identity or affiliation. Use only your own words in reviews or discussions.

Don’t game the community. Don’t create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails to trick people. Don’t badmouth another’s work to drive people away, or talk up your friends to boost their popularity. Don't be intentionally unhelpful or add irrelevant or disingenuous content to projects or discussions.

Don’t over-expose. We recommend that you don’t post your physical location. Don’t intrude on the privacy of others, or reveal their phone number, email address or physical location. Don’t include any personal information about children under 18.

Peachy Screen Publicity and Writer Success. It is understood that the way Peachy Screen is able to entice new entertainment professionals to use Peachy Screen is by promotion of Peachy Screen results. Therefore, I promise to always inform Peachy Screen of any relationship I form with any entertainment professional that was in any way found, heard about or nurtured through Peachy Screen, so that Peachy Screen can not only promote myself and my works, but also promote themselves. It is understood that this is a condition to using Peachy Screen. If a Writer gains writing work, sells or options a script, goes into development with a script or obtains representation as a result of our efforts, Peachy may post this success on their website and in their newsletters and press releases. If a script is sold/optioned or the writer gets work, a development deal, representation, etc., through Peachy Screen, the writer must inform Peachy Screen via email. Peachy Screen reserves the right to announce any successes obtained through our network.

Peachy Screen reserves the right to change this protocol without notification.