Rating System

How does it work?

Every script uploaded into Peachy Screen will be granted a Peach Patch.


Branch Out

All scripts start with a Branch Out Peach Patch. This script has yet to be picked by us at Peachy Screen, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t totally fuzzin’ amazing! It likely just means we haven’t read it yet. We encourage our filmmakers to branch out and try this previously unpicked script.


Grab Hold

If we read a script and see it has awesome potential, we grant the script a Grab Hold Peach Patch. These scripts may still need a little hands-on work from the right filmmaker, but we’re confident they’re ready to be picked up. Filmmakers can search on Peachy Screen specifically for Grab Hold scripts, so getting this handy Peach Patch definitely helps your script’s chances of being read and purchased.



When we read an amazing script, we give it the Juicy Peach Patch. Juicy is a rare and special patch, awarded only to those scripts that are ripe and ready with no additional work required. Not only do we allow filmmakers to search specifically for these phenomenally Juicy scripts, but we also blast out the news to our filmmakers when we read a Juicy script. The Juicy Peach Patch scripts are sure to get read in abundance.

How Do You Move from One Peach Patch to Another?

Every script starts with a Branch Out Peach Patch. On a regular basis (at least once a week and often more frequently), Peachy Screen will select a completely random script to read. If our highly trained and professional readers believe the script deserves to be granted the Grab Hold or Juicy Peach Patches, we will change the rating and alert the screenwriter (and filmmakers). We’re all about harvesting good material!

Please note: With so many scripts on our site, odds are Branch Out scripts just haven't been read by us yet. We encourage filmmakers to branch out and read any script that fits their search criteria.

Peachy Services

Another way to potentially garner a change in Peach Patch is by hiring our Full Notes Service. Please note: there is no promise or guarantee you will have your Peach Patch upgraded by paying for notes. We take our Peach Patches very seriously.

That said, if we happen to read a script for any reason, either by random selection or via Full Notes Service, and see that the script is worthy of an upgraded Peach Patch, we will always happily do the honors. Paying for notes is simply a way to ensure you get read in a timely manner, rather than waiting and hoping to be randomly selected.